cute boys are very problematic

me after chris evans ice bucket challenge video


i never thought watching celebrities pour ice water on themselves would be interesting but here we are

public service announcement to all fic writers:





ok another poll for all you marvel loving fucks out there

which of the 10 marvel cinematic universe films (iron man 1 2 & 3, thor 1 and 2, captain america 1 and 2, the incredible hulk and guardians of the galaxy) are your top 3 favorites and why

no really life after beth really really flipping cute plz watch it, its kinda like shaun of the dead and zombieland and warm bodies but a bit darker?

okay let me get my film crit out of me and say that the beginning pacing of gotg was really off. like really, really off. and motivations were not clear, they threw sooooo much backstory at the audience all at once. the movie needed 2 just…chill for a moment.

and some bad cuts (like scene cuts that interfere with lines it’s weird) but all of this clears up after the first 20 minutes so that’s good

other than that guardians was amazing. it was hilarious and visually gorgeous, i worry for avengers now because being back on earth after seeing this gorgeous technicolor neon space with all these purples and blues and greens….the color palette was like candy. and the best soundtrack a marvel movie has used, some great 80s and 70s hits with a score that uses a lot of synth it’s fantastic

okay another poll for you thirsty marvel fans out there

chose one of each

  • chubby chris pratt or muscular chris pratt
  • chris evans with a beard or clean shaven 

it’s 5 am and im having a dane dehaan related crisis

this is my summer

dane dehaan is so hot it makes me angry like what the fuc k what ht e fuck k this asshole with his eyebags and smile and hair what th e fukc